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This Upgraded Caliburn 3 is a pump-action, mag-fed, 3D-printed Nerf blaster that shoots darts over 175 FPS! Printed out of all ABS material, so it’s much more durable and temperature resistant than PLA. It comes loaded with upgrades, including a mag adapter so you can use Talon magazines in addition to the standard N-Strike magazines. Blaster is fully assembled, tested, and ready to ship.


Included Upgrades:
- All ABS plastic parts (withstands higher temperatures & more impact resistant)
- Polished aluminum rod covers & priming bars
- Passive Mag Adapter (for half-length dart mags)
- Railgasm (compatible with picatinny attachments)
- Angled Foregrip attachment
- One-piece printed Ramcore (allows non-breached mag loading)
- Strong plastic Coupler Inserts
- Air Brake System (helps protect from dry firing)
- Spare hardware and maintenance packet
- Safety glasses


*Sold with permission from the designer, Captain Slug. A portion of the proceeds go to him.*

Upgraded ABS Caliburn 3 - Made to Order

Main Color
Accent Color